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The Raven Queen is an unaligned deity in the core pantheon. She was introduced in the Player's Handbook. The name of the god of death is long forgotten, but she is called the Raven Queen. She is the spinner of fate and the patron of winter.

The Raven Queen is the unaligned D&D deity of death, fate and winter. While some believe that she killed a long standing fixture of D&D just so that the authors of 4e could replace him with their 'mary sue', it is quite probable that she was influenced by and/or based off the Celtic goddess of death...

Raven Queen (рус. Рейвен Квин) —персонаж кукольной линии Ever After High. У Рейвен Квин бледная кожа (но на тон темнее, чем у Apple White), фиолетовые глаза, и слегка волнистые волосы черного цвета с фиолетовыми и бордовыми локонами.

Рэйвен Квин (Raven QUEEN). Как и ее мать, Рэйвен Квин - волшебница. Но, к своему глубокому сожалению, она может накладывать только черные чары.

Имя: Рейвен Квин (Raven Queen) Дочь: Злой Королевы Сторона: Мятежные (Rabel) Соседка: Эппл Уайт. Видео: Ever After High история Рейвен Квин The Story of a Rebel на русском.

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headcanon: the raven queen knows about and absolutely loves taako. she loves her sons boyfriend very much, and ever since kravitz mentioned taako and how they were dating...

In this guide, I am going to attempt to collect all of the relevant information about the Raven Queen and put it here as a resource. It should be a nice outline and launching pad for dungeon masters who want...

Having the Raven Queen as your deity shouldn't pose any problems in and of itself. As you said she's unalinged, representing death. It's neither good nor evil, in 3.5 as far as I can tell she's be true neutral.

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Рейвен Квин. Raven Queen. здравствуйте я Рейвен Квин дочь злой королевы. Закреплённая запись. Информация.
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